Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Candidate letter

The Progressive Democrats of West Virginia sent out this letter from Virginia Lynch Graf, the Democratic candidate for our congressional seat.

After reading a writer's comments about voting Republican for national offices because Democrats will spend money for (I guess the term lazypeople is implied,) I wanted to comment on spending.

Ms. Capito is spending our hard earned tax money at an excessive rate.

Look at her record. She has consistently funded wars in Iraq andAfghanistan. Who benefits from the exorbitant money that accompanies thewar effort in those countries? Corrupt governments! Mercenaries! Haliburton!

But our soldiers; not so much so! This year alone the budget for defense will be 59%.

I, Virginia Lynch Graf, stand for a reduction from 59% to 40%. We will still spend more than any country in the world for defense. That will befunded to the tune of $159 billion this year alone.

Ms. Capito consistently supports tax breaks, tax loopholes, and financial incentives to those who ship jobs abroad. The return of the 3% tax ratefor the 2% of the wealthiest Americans (in place during Bill Clinton's prosperous economy,) would glean another $36 billion in savings.

Virginia Lynch Graf thinks we need to overhaul the tax system and make the system fair.

Ms. Capito voted against West Virginians when she voted no to women seeking equal pay for equal work. She voted against offering lower rates for Pell grants to help kids afford college. She voted no to an economic stimulus to keep teachers, support school staff, firemen, road construction, at their jobs, but posed for a picture each time money was granted.

I agree with most economists who state that the stimulus kept the economyfrom going over the brink. Remember the Great Depression occurred because of big banks out of control, (Ms. Capito favors no oversight of banks and big investments) and because of advice to President Hoover to cut spending and balance the budget. She voted for insurance profits and against West Virginians when she voted against healthcare insurance reform. In the process of looking for reductions in cost, she offered no solutions. Now, when she sees some things are helpful, and it's election time, she likes some of the helpful issues. (AMA and realtors claim that many house foreclosures are related to the unrealistic costs of insured healthcare.)

I believe it is time to cut business loose from insurance responsibility for workers. I believe we could create a single payer system which cuts administrative costs dramatically, and insurance premiums could again become affordable.

I could go on.... Vote as you will, but you aren't going to convince me that our representative spends our tax money responsibly. She spends our money for the rich. She totes the party line. She caters to those who pay for her continual campaigns. It's the middle class who are getting the squeeze from her financial habits.

Please get out and vote for Virginia Lynch Graf, Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives. Early voting Oct. 13 -30 Saturdays, Oct. 23 and 30. Nov. 2 is the final day to vote.

-Virginia Lynch Graf

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