Monday, January 3, 2011

Progressive strategy 2011

He tends to be a little too accommodating to the present system for my taste, and there’s much in this article I don’t agree with, but blogger Richard Power’s latest post, “A progressive strategy for 2011-2012 that does not require capitulation or self-destruction,” does contain a worthy list of progressive ideals to work toward:

“Corporations are not people, and money is not speech.

Lead the world in the reduction of greenhouse gases, dominate the global
market in renewable energy and green technology. It is the ultimate job-creation

Universal health care is a basic human right.

Social security is not broken. Strengthen it by simply having the wealthy
pay the same percent of their income into the fund as the rest of the populace

Fix the deficit by repealing the Bush tax cuts, and cutting bloated
military spending (nearly as much
on military power
as every other
country in the world combined
) and start with ending the foolish military
adventures in Iraq AND Afghanistan.”

What is interesting about this list is that, with the possible exception of health care, polls indicate that every item on the list has the support of a majority of Americans, and not just progressives. Opposition to the war in Afghanistan is now over 60 percent.

The biggest secret kept out of the corporate media is that the US is actually a center-left nation.

--Michael Hasty

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