Friday, November 19, 2010

9/11 insider trading

The intelligently leftist Foreign Policy Journal ( posted an article yesterday by Kevin Ryan, an engineer whose work in investigating the events of September 11th began when he was fired by Underwriters Laboratories, for revealing that their own physical tests disproved the conclusions of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)—that the fires in the World Trade Center were hot enough to weaken the steel to the point where the buildings would collapse. That’s why NIST had to rely on computer models to rationalize the official story.

Since he was fired for whistleblowing, Ryan has applied his scientific logic to other aspects of 9/11. The FPJ article lays out the evidence for the multiple connections among those who seemed to profit from the 9/11 attacks, with both the Bush and bin Laden families—whose own connections go back to Bush Junior’s first company, Harken Energy, and Bush Senior’s even earlier dealings in the oil industry.

Poppy was meeting with the bin Ladens (he’s described them as “lovely people”) on the morning of September 11th, at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC, with other investors in the Carlyle Group—one of the beneficiaries (not directly, of course) of the 9/11 insider trading. The lengths to which corporate media has gone to ignore these connections—the nexus of the intelligence community and the finance, defense and energy industries—is a measure of just how totalitarian a propaganda system we live under, with our “free press.”

Ryan documents how the FBI never really investigated the highly respectable suspects in that insider trading. As the 9/11 Commission explained it, there was no conceivable connection between any of the investors and al Qaeda (we’ll just ignore the CIA, thank you), and therefore no reason to suspect anyone of anything.

But Ryan shows just how close those connections actually are.

The evidence that the public has been deceived about 9/11 continues to pile up. It will be a rude awakening—if they ever wake up.

--Michael Hasty

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