Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Capito thanks jobless

What a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing, to learn that Rep Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV2) is going to have a monthly corner on the website for Hampshire Review, in which she will be “sharing…how what is going on in Washington affects West Virginia.” Her first posting to “The Capito Corner” was to wish us all a safe, warm, and happy Thanksgiving, enjoining us to give thanks for our blessings, for our ability to pursue our dreams and to work toward a better life. Reading between the lines, we can be sure that she means to include in these best wishes those 800,000 persons who will lose their unemployment benefits at midnight tomorrow night, Tuesday Nov 30, because of her vote against extending unemployment benefits. And we can be sure her Christmas blessings will go out to those 2 million who will be cut off at the end of December.

What do you suppose are the chances that the opposition could get a “corner” in which to respond to her corner, with their version of how West Virginia is affected by what is going on in Washington?

--Windy Cutler

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