Thursday, November 11, 2010

Undeserved smiles

Anyone who sheepily believes that George Bush's out of court book testimony relieves him (while he smiles) of responsibility for allowing thousands of American children to be callously slaughtered for a dishonest reason are out of touch with parenthood.

Watch "War Torn" on HBO beginning tonight.

--Bill Arnold

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,
One of the most sobering events I participated in this year was the Army 10 miler, October 24th in the heart of Washington DC. Several factors make this race unique. The race is the largest 10mile race in the country, and that out of 30,000 runners, over 9,000 did not finish,(about 1/3). This is because the Army 10miler is competitive & there is a time cut elimination at the 5mile mark. Participants are required to run each mile under 15minutes to the 5mile mark. For me, what was truly unique, were the number of amputee participants, many being helped by teams & friends, it is hard to describe this very powerful and heartrending experience, one must actually be part of it to know the race atmosphere. It was the first time I saw young female amputees, (at least 5 that I ran with during the event). A reminder that women serve in combat roles more than ever and that these terrible roadside devices used against our troops, did & do not discriminate.