Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Boycott Koch

The Koch (pronounced "coke") brothers have bought the Supreme Court and most of Congress. And for most of the governors who are acting under Koch orders to destroy the unions and, subsequently, the middle and working classes, a feudal system is the goal.

Anyway, following is a list of some of the gas and household products produced under the Koch brothers empire – Charles and David Koch, who are working behind the scenes in Wisconsin, and on a national scale to get President Obama out of office.

Koch Industry Gasoline:
Union 76

Koch Industry/Georgia-Pacific Products:
Angel Soft toilet paper
Brawny paper towels
Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups
Mardi Gras napkins and towels
Quilted Northern toilet paper
Soft ‘n Gentle toilet paper
Sparkle napkins
Vanity fair napkins
Zee napkins

--Windy Cutler

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Alex Nugent said...

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