Friday, March 18, 2011

Where two or three...

This is a note that Windy sent out to those few who braved the cruel elements (including the local police department, but more about that later) and attended our "Defend the Dream" rally in front of the county courthouse on Tuesday:

Although we were few, and not seen by many, and didn’t make the news, we know it has been said, “Where two or three gather together…” We were there in solidarity for unions everywhere, in Madison and Ohio and Michigan and Maine and, yes, of course in West Virginia. In Egypt and Japan and Brazil.

Whether they know it or not, we know it. Whether or not we believe in prayer, we are there because we believe that, in some way, our actions and our presence will be felt by all of those whom we support, that we are kindred spirits. Know that they know that we were there.

Thank you to all of you for being there.

--Windy Cutler

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