Monday, December 6, 2010

Cultural anomalies

To stem the descent of our culture into savage social and economic injustice, we'll need to cease and desist from fueling ignorance and demagoguery and ask ourselves, "Is the march of injustice unstoppable, inevitable"? Reactionary elements have unjustifiably assumed control of our media and are unlikely to relinquish it, ever, unless forced to.

The reality is that history-making nonviolent resistence is not usually taken as an act of moral display. It does not typically begin by putting flowers in gun barrels and it does not end when protesters disperse at local stoplights. It involves the use of a panoply of forceful sanctions---strikes, boycotts, civil disobedience, disrupting the functions of disservicing goverenments, and other forms of non-cooperation, in accordance with a strategy for undermining an oppressor's pillars of servitude.

It is not about making a point; it's about taking power.

--Bill Arnold

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