Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The magic spell of the Tea Party was so inducing. Under that spell, half of women voters favored the party that advocates abortion abolition, voted for the party that advocates the position that "big gummint", with all that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, is "bad" socialism, whereas big business is "good" for its trickle-down effect. Under the spell, the sick and disabled, who cannot afford adequate healthcare, thought that with Obama's health plan, conditions will get worse and they'd die at the hospital door. Under the spell, they supported a party that resists attempts to have an egalitarian ("liberal," as an adjective, means generous, ample, abundance-sharing, not literal or strict, tolerant, broadminded, or favoring reform or progress) society, and favors instead abolishment of inheritance and capital gains taxes.

Let's see if that spell can recreate all those lost Bushy jobs and secure our border with Mexico, get our economy going and do it in two years before the next election. Can they spellbindingly accomplish the promised lies embedded in campaign speeches? What do you think?

The answer may indicate whether we're having a national nervous breakdown. How many of our basic American values are left in the majority of Americans? We've lost our identity and soul. We and much of the world are wondering what this country really stands for anymore.

What kind of country do we want? Are we happy being a corporate/militarist culture? What are the basic things we want for every American?

If we don't have the kind of country we want, then we have the type of country we deserve--which is getting embarassing, as we watch lobbyist pimps manipulate their whores in Congress.

--Bill Arnold

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