Saturday, December 4, 2010

Veterans to protest war in DC

On Thursday, December 16, 2010, Veterans for Peace and others will stage the largest veteran-led civil resistance to U.S. wars in recent history. After a rally at Lafayette Park in Washington, DC, many will engage in nonviolent civil resistance at the White House. See Stop These Wars for more information.

During the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King called our government “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.” This was true then—and even more so today. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan grind on, killing children every day, in our name, with our tax dollars. How long are we going to let this go on?

We believe that the power of courageous, committed people is greater than that of corporate warmongers. But we will only see our power when we use it collectively, when we stand together. United for Peace and Justice urges everyone who can to go to DC on the 16th to support the action.

For those who can’t go to DC, we call on UFPJ member groups to organize local solidarity demonstrations at noon at the Federal Building in your city. Appropriate slogans would be “Mr: Obama: End These Wars!”, “Stop the Afghanistan War”, “Not Another Day, Not Another Dollar, Not Another Life”, “Jobs Not War”, and “Bring the Troops and War Dollars Home”.

Register your action so others can find you and so that we can show the national scope of the response.

UFPJ will produce a flyer for the local demonstrations which can be locally customized and we will send that out in the next few days. Questions? Email for information.

--Submitted by Windy Cutler

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