Thursday, December 2, 2010

Enemies of the state

Anyone who was wondering exactly how efficiently the Empire--of which the US is merely the enforcement arm--can dispose of a genuine threat to its control of information, need only observe the ongoing case of that international "terrorist"--as he's been described in US media--Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks.

Very likely the target of a US "swallow" (as the old Soviet KGB's sexual operatives were known), Assange now finds himself an internationally hunted man, with governments the world over (including Australia, where he has citizenship, and Sweden, where he has to this day never been questioned by the police concerning the rape allegation against him) seeking for crimes in their statute books with which to charge him. We've also been treated to a revealing look at what a Pentagon "shock and awe" cyberattack looks like. Very impressive. Global fascism in action.

The revolution will not be webcast.


Of all the horrors to emerge from the Nazi concentration camps, one that strikes a particularly resonant chord in the human psyche is the experimentation on fellow humans.

Truthout has an exclusive article today on the use of an anti-malaria drug at the Guantanamo prison camp as a form of "pharmacological waterboarding."

--Michael Hasty

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