Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Draft proposal

Okay, so the plan is to keep the millionaires and billionaires from paying their patriotic fairly-taxed share, for the privilege of milking the trough at our public expense. I can see going along with that--if the millionaires and billionaires purposely allow their children, of both genders, up to the age of 30, to be drafted for frontline combat duty, to prove to the rest of us that they really do appreciate the decades we've permitted our children to be cannon-slaughter for their economic benefit.

How soon would that end the economic, military and political human slaughter?

These arrogant elites want to shrink our (or more accurately, their) government, and cut taxes, while the rest of us want to maintain the government services important to our lives. We deplore the budget cuts that have so far reduced our children's education, our water, sewer, renewable energy production and transmission, transportation infrastructure, our natural environment, and our public safety.

Fearmongers who scream about wasteful bureaucracy and totalitarian rule actually give rise to what really threatens our liberty: uncontrolled corporate greed. This "great recession" demonstrates how unsupervised banks devour the very market system that produces our wealth, when our government's ability to regulate such excesses is bound by usurious anti-government bias.

There are many honest cooperative practices (ask Elizabeth Warren) that can be utilized to willfully correct our anomalies. We are not collectively adhering to those possibilities because fearmongers in mainstream media keep throwing purposefully confusing roadblocks in our faces.

These foxy-oriented GOP fearmongers can't realistically understand that virginity--sexual, poltical, economic or historical--results from a lack of opportunity.

We must ask even when they don't tell.

--Bill Arnold

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