Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Naming the bridge

What’s this? A new name for our bridge? By a unanimous vote of a self-appointed committee arrogating naming rights to itself?

So they had a contest no less. Was this contest open to the public, or just to the committee? I never heard of it, yet this contest has supposedly been going on for seven months. The last I had heard, when the matter was raised a couple of months ago, the Hampshire County Commission had passed a resolution requesting that the name of the bridge remain the same, the South Branch River Bridge. End of story. Period. Or so we thought. Who is on this committee? How many people? Any of you?

Now I understand this will be presented as a bill to the legislature, which they will make into law. Law, mind you. So the legislature has the final right to tell us, the people, what our bridge should be named. How did the bridge get its original name?

I can’t wait to see the letters to the editor on this one.

Please tell me, how did I miss all of this?

Sign me, perplexed and indignant.

--Windy Cutler

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