Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mr. Sanders goes to Washington

The only true socialist in the US Congress, and a genuine progressive hero, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, started speaking against the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and for the majority of Americans who oppose them, at 10:24 yesterday morning, and didn't finish his speech on the Senate floor until 7 last night. He has inspired at least eight Senate Democrats to join the unanimous House Democratic caucus in opposing the Obama-GOP plan. Obama may have triangulated too far.


Looks like there may be a milquetoast, face-saving agreement coming out of the climate summit in Cancun, Mexico, which had been veering toward descent into chaos. The UK Independent has a look at the stakes involved:


The UK Guardian reports that there are indications that the US is preparing espionage charges against another hero of democracy, Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Are they trying to do an end run around the extradition to Sweden, and send him straight to Gitmo?

--Michael Hasty

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